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NERC Compliance

Engineering Evaluations

Evaluations, Studies, and Support.

Engineering Evaluations

NERC Engineering Evaluation and Compliance Assessment

Maintaining NERC compliance is critical in preventing fines and ensuring your utility continues to generate revenue. Complying with NERC standards requires a utility to comply with multiple standards across several disciplines.

With Certrec as the NERC regulatory compliance arm for your registered entity you can focus on your core business while we monitor upcoming NERC standards, process paperwork, and ensure your entity remains NERC compliant.

Certrec engineers and technical staff perform engineering evaluations, studies, and support for NERC standards including:

  • PRC-024
  • PRC-019
  • MOD-025
  • MOD-026 & 027
  • FAC-008
  • PRC-005
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NERC Compliance

End-to-End NERC Compliance for Power Utilities

Certrec has a tool for every aspect of NERC compliance and they have been instrumental in our success in preparing for our audits. With their help, we were able to receive zero findings in our last audit!