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Will Renewable energy will provide over 50% of U.S. energy within 10 years

Results show that energy professionals are not confident that the U.S. will produce 50% of energy from renewable sources such as solar wind and hydro within 10 years. Most respondents disagreed with the statement, while only 13% strongly agreed with the statement. In total, 59% of voters indicated doubt that the current goal was feasible. One respondent commented, “I don’t think it will, but it definitely should.”

Within the U.S., both Rhode Island and the District of Columbia have goals to reach 100% renewable energy by 2033. In addition, the Biden administration aims reach generate increase electricity generated from renewable and nuclear sources throughout the U.S. to 80%. Our results indicate that professionals are unconfident the U.S. will reach policy goals despite pushes from both Federal and State officials.