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NERC Compliance

Program Development

Developing a Internal Compliance Program is crucial to enusre compliance with NERC's Reliability Standards.

Program Development

What is an Internal Compliance Program?

The Internal Compliance Program describes the entity’s organization, communication and implementation of compliance obligations and culture.

Certrec can develop a customized program for your entity that will reflect your operations and assist your personnel in monitoring, maintaining, and managing NERC Reliability Standards compliance.

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Program Development

Certrec's Internal Compliance Program Plan

Certrec’s ICP plan contains the necessary controls to ensure compliance with the NERC Reliability Standards and meet or exceed FERC’s requirements for a strong ICP. The ICP will include the following:

  • Investigations and Causal Determinations
  • Development and Control of Policies and Procedures
  • Self-Assessment Process
  • Self-Certification Process
  • Spot Check Process
  • Compliance Training
  • Lessons Learned / Best Practices
  • Communication and NERC Awareness
  • NERC Alerts and Regulatory Change
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NERC Compliance

End-to-End NERC Compliance for Power Utilities

Certrec has a tool for every aspect of NERC compliance and they have been instrumental in our success in preparing for our audits. With their help, we were able to receive zero findings in our last audit!