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Certrec’s NERC Compliance Work Expands to Bulk Power Battery Storage Projects

39- Certrecs NERC Compliance Work Expands to Bulk Power Battery Storage Projects- Press Release - Featured Image- Certrec
The electric power industry needs the experience and knowledge of its NERC compliance support teams to ensure applicable battery storage projects meet NERC compliance standards and requirements.
Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB)

Certrec, a leading provider of NERC regulatory compliance, has recently announced it was selected to provide NERC compliance services for a battery storage project that falls under NERC compliance standards and requirements.

The owner of a major battery storage facility in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has requested the assistance of Certrec in the registration and interconnection process for the facility. Certrec will be assisting the asset owner with the lengthy process outlined in the Commissioning Plan and ERCOT Protocols and Operating Guides. This is the second battery project that Certrec has recently provided regulatory compliance support. Certrec has increasingly been supporting diverse generating sources, now including battery storage.

“Matching large-scale battery assets with renewables is the latest strategy for maximizing the value of renewables,” remarked Holly Haynes, Certrec’s Office of NERC Compliance Operations Manager. “What industry professionals are coming to realize is large-scale batteries connected to the bulk electric system are just like generating assets. They fall under NERC compliance requirements.”

Certrec’s Office of NERC Compliance Director, Evans Heacock added, “The NERC regulatory framework is important but complicated. Fortunately, registered entities can rely on a company like Certrec which has been focusing on NERC compliance for more than 13 years, since the implementation of those standards.”

Certrec has a structured approach to NERC compliance. Regardless of whether you have a generation or transmission asset, Certrec applies a systematic proven process to ensure your regulatory requirements are met. We can begin with a gap analysis and provide a comprehensive compliance program or targeted scopes of work. Certrec has been dedicated to regulatory compliance since its inception.


Founded in 1988, Certrec is an engineering and technology-based organization providing regulatory support services in the electric power industry. With more than 1,000 cumulative staff years of direct industry experience, Certrec has developed exceptional capabilities to support regulatory activities emanating from regulatory entities such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Regional Entities, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other regulatory agencies. Certrec’s Office of Licensing and Compliance (OLC), Office of Assessment and Recovery (OAR), Office of NERC Compliance (ONC), and Office of New Plant (ONP) services are used by utilities and entities across the United States to help manage the regulatory process to their advantage.

Certrec offers support from highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who possess degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines (civil, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear). Additionally, Certrec’s staff has multiple degrees personnel in physics, communications, a variety of MBAs, and information technology. This highly skilled team of personnel has direct working experience in all regulatory areas of licensing, compliance, and engineering, including nuclear, fossil, and renewable generation and transmission. For more than 30 years, Certrec has been applying its hundreds of years of industry experience to help clients develop and manage solutions to complex regulatory issues. Combining this direct industry experience with Certrec’s Information Technology assets has led to the development of technology-based solutions and tools directly targeted to the electric power industry and specifically focused on helping clients manage regulatory issues.