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Nuclear Licensing and Regulatory Compliance Expert Mike O’Keefe Joins Certrec’s Office of Licensing and Compliance Team

30 Year NextEra Energy/Seabrook Station Veteran to Assist Certrec Nuclear Clients with Licensing Issues, Regulatory Affairs, License Amendment Requests, Emergency Planning, Security, and Inspection Preparation Issues

Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) September 12, 2013 — Certrec, a leading licensing and regulatory compliance service provider that supports NRC and NERC compliance, announced today that Mike O’Keefe, a noted nuclear engineering, operations, and regulatory compliance expert has joined its Office of Licensing and Compliance team as Senior Project Manager. 

“We are excited to have Mike O’Keefe join the Certrec team,” says Ted Enos, President of Certrec. “Mike is known throughout the nuclear community for his broad industry knowledge, operational and compliance experience, and leadership skills. He joins us at a critical time in the nuclear industry when many generators are juggling lower-cost energy sources, falling demand, safety retrofit expenses, and rising operating costs – coupled with the risk of early retirement.” 

“These issues can affect a plant’s licensing,” continues Enos. “As the former chairman of Regional Utility Group One (RUG I), an association of eighteen nuclear facilities, Mike’s ability to establish an open and honest dialogue with regulators ensured an accurate understanding of operator issues and compliance requirements.” 

Mike served as NextEra Energy’s Seabrook Station Licensing Manager from 2006 to 2013. As Licensing Manager, Mike was responsible for ensuring compliance with Federal, State, and local regulatory requirements associated with operating the power plant. Leveraging technology and web services, he significantly increased Licensing efficiency – especially in the areas of inspection management. 

In years prior, he served as Senior Reactor Operator – rising to Supervisor of Seabrook’s Safety Engineering and Operating Experience Review Program. As Licensing Engineer, Michael was instrumental in developing many of Seabrook’s License Amendment Requests. 

“Certrec is doing things in the industry that few can match,” says O’Keefe. “In my 8 year relationship with Ted Enos, Al Haeger, Tom Houghton, Jim Peschel, Mark Reidmeyer and others, I’ve been impressed with Certrec’s people, professionalism, and support of the nuclear industry. Their multi-year participation in RUG I resulted in improved communication with the NRC and greater sharing of operating experience information.” 

“I am excited to be a part of this solid company,” says O’Keefe, “as I predict the industry continues to face challenges presented by low natural gas prices and increased regulation and will need the support that Certrec can provide.”

About Certrec:
Certrec is a leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions for the energy industry with the mission of helping ensure a stable, reliable, bulk electric supply. Since 1988, Certrec’s SaaS applications and consulting know-how have helped hundreds of power-generating facilities manage their regulatory compliance and reduce their risks.

Certrec’s engineers and business teams bring a cumulative 1,500 years of working experience in regulatory areas of compliance, engineering, and operations, including nuclear, fossil, solar, wind facilities, and other Registered Entities generation and transmission.

Certrec has helped more than 120 generating facilities establish and maintain NERC Compliance Programs. We manage the entire NERC compliance program for 60+ registered entities in the US and Canada that trust us to decrease their regulatory and reputational risk. Certrec is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified and has successfully completed annual SOC 2 Type 2 examinations.

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